Liuda Lekutienė

“Doctor-Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) at “”Nefrida”” Clinics

Graduated from Kaunas Institute of Medicine in 1975 and acquired the specialisation of Doctor-Ophthalmologist.

Doctor-Ophthalmologist at Klaipeda Hospital Consultative Outpatient and Eye Disease Department from 1975 to 2003. Currently works at “”Nefrida“ Clinics. Work experience since 1975.

Qualification improvement – improvement courses of Vilnius and Kaunas universities, international conferences organised in Lithuania and abroad, topical conferences, seminars.

Fields of interest – diagnoses and conservatively treats all eye diseases, prepares the patients for eye surgeries, removes specks of dust from cornea, removes sutures from skin, conjunctiva and cornea, washes (probes) tear ducts, measures the eye pressure, selects glasses, etc.

Foreign languages – Russian, English.”