Vaida Runkelytė - Nefrida


Vaida Runkelytė

Vaida Runkelytė


“Doctor Radiologist at “”Nefrida”” Clinics

Graduated from Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1994 and acquired qualification of Doctor-Radiologist in 1998.

Professional experience – she has previously worked as Doctor-Radiologist at Gargzdai Hospital. She currently works as Doctor-Radiologist at Klaipeda Jurininkai Hospital and “”Nefrida”” Clinics. Professional experience since 1998.

Qualification improvement – she improves herslef at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Clinics, Vilnius Santariskes and Riga University Clinics each year. She participates in scientific conferences and seminars in Lithuania and other countries.

Fields of interest – conventional radiology, vascular echoscopy, computer tomography.

Foreign languages – English, Russian.”