Audra Anskolienė

“Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor at “”Nefrida”” Clinics.

Graduated from Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1993, residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1996 and acquired the qualification of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor.

Works as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor at Public Institution Klaipeda University Hospital and “”Nefrida”” Clinics. Work experience since 1993.

Qualification improvement – she constantly improves herself at the courses organised by rehabilitation and neurology clinics of Vilnius University and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Internship in Holland in 2002, congresses and conferences in Lithuania and Europe.

Fields of interest – rehabilitation of patients after stroke, brain injury and with other diseases of the nervous system, as well as patients with pathology related to movement disorders.

Foreign languages – English, Russian.”