Family doctor

Rima Šerpytienė

“Family Doctor at “”Nefrida”” Clinics

Graduated from Kaunas Institute of Medicine in 1983 and acquired the qualification of a Doctor; graduated from residency of General Practitioner in Kaunas University of Medicine in 2001.

Professional experience – Doctor at Klaipeda city Primary Health Care Centre from 1983 to 2005, Family Doctor at “”Nefrida”” Clinics since 2005.

Qualification improvement – improvement in Germany in 2016, gained certificate of “”Good clinical practice“, improvement at Clinics of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) in 2015, course “”Oncology for family doctors“, improvement courses “”Telemedicine and e-health at the family doctor’s work“ at the Medicine Clinics of LSU in 2014, improvement courses “”Palliative assistance“ of Klaipeda University in 2014, courses “”Work medicine“ of Kaunas University of Medicine in 2010, courses “”Relevant diagnostic and treatment issues for general practitioners“ at Clinics of Cardiology of Kaunas University of Medicine in 2009, etc.

Fields of interest – the newest achievements in medicine and their application in practice.

Work credo – warm and pleasant communication, in order the good words and experience would help everyone to recover faster.

Foreign languages – English.”