Teresė Ramanauskienė

“Children and Adolescent Psychiatrist at “”Nefrida”” Clinics.

Graduated from Kaunas Institute of Medicine and acquired qualification of a Doctor in 1974.

Professional experience – Psychoneurologist at Klaipeda Children Hospital in 1975-1981. Children and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Klaipeda Psychiatric Hospital in 1981-1997. Children and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Klaipeda Primary Health Care Centre in 1997-1999. Senior Doctor at Klaipeda Mental Health Centre in 1999-2005. Director of Kretinga Mental Health Centre in 2005-2011. Head of Children Department of Psychiatry Branch of Klaipeda Republican Hospital in 2011-2016. She has been working at “”Nefrida“ Clinics since 2016.

Qualification improvement – internship in Leningrad in 1980, internship in Moscow in 1985, internship in Sweden in 1998. She improves herself at Vilnius University each year.

Fields of interest – mood of children and adolescent, neurotic, stress, somatoform disorders, developmental, behavioural and emotional disorders.

Foreign languages – Russian.”