Chief Physician and Family Doctor

Virginijus Kontrimas

“Chief Physician and Family Doctor at “”Nefrida”” Clinics.

Graduated from Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1994 and stationary residency of Family Doctor in 1999.

Professional experience – work at Plunge Hospital, Plateliai and Kantauciai outpatient clinics. Chief Physician and Family Doctor at Rietavas Primary Health Care Centre in 2000-2003. Chief Physician and Family Doctor at “”Nefrida”” Clinics since 2003. Doctor at haemodialysis since 2000. Work experience since 1994.

Qualification improvement – improves himself at Vilnius and Kaunas university clinics each year. Constantly participates at scientific conferences and seminars in Lithuania and abroad.

Fields of interest – diagnoses and treats all primary level illnesses, helps to settle the medical and psychological issues. He is more interested into the diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension.
Foreign languages – Russian, French.”