Nephrology is a branch of medicine, examining the structure, function, changes and diseases of the kidneys. Nephrologist consults, prescribes renal ultrasound, urine laboratory or other necessary tests, selects the most appropriate treatment.

People with diabetes, ischemic heart disease or autoimmune diseases are at high risk of kidney disease. Renal impairment is also commonly seen in patients with elevated blood pressure, kidney stones, or chronic urinary tract infections. Furthermore, urinary tract infections are particularly common in women.


Untreated or inadequately treated kidney disease can be extremely dangerous and will eventually adversely affect other body systems. A visit to a nephrologist is advised if:

  • You feel pain at the bottom of the back;
  • You see blood in urine;
  • You often urinate;
  • You feel pain during urination.

Professional nephrologist at the clinic “Nefrida” help to diagnose and overcome kidney and urinary system diseases and disorders.