Massage is a medical technique, used both for treatment purposes and for improving general health and wellness. Different types of massages can help improve joints mobility, blood circulation, muscle tone. Furthermore, they are used to help the patient to get rid of various pains, tension, stress, fatigue, or to improve immunity.

Therapeutic massage is particularly suitable for the patients with various physical injuries. This method can help relieve pain, muscular stiffness and spasms, restore muscle mobility and renew disordered movement functions. Moreover, massage can help to recover from circulatory or metabolic disorders that often appear after trauma.

A patient can feel an improvement already after a single massage treatment. Therefore, massages are highly recommended not only for injured patients, but also for those who work in sitting position or complain of muscle and joint stiffness, suffer from spinal cord, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, central and peripheral nervous systems, urological and gynaecological diseases.

Professional massage therapists at the clinic “Nefrida” perform only therapeutic but also different preventive massages, which help to reduce nervousness, fatigue, to relax the tensed muscles, stiff joints.