Medical Tests

The diagnostic laboratory operating at Nefrida Clinic, where various primary and secondary levels of medical tests and research are carried out, uses the latest and most modern equipment.

Since 2004 the laboratory participates in ¨Labquality¨ international laboratory quality control, which means that all tests conducted at Nefrida Clinic are thoroughly tested for their quality and accuracy.


The laboratory of Nefrida Clinic allows to carry complex medical research methods and offers a wide range of medical tests and quality. The main medical research activities carried out are as follows:

  • Hematological blood tests (Complete blood count, platelet count);
  • General clinical tests (urine, stool and parasite tests);
  • Genital secretion tests;
  • Biochemical tests (mineral metabolism, liver enzymes, lipids, proteins, carbohydrate metabolism, coagulation tests);
  • Hepatitis tests (hepatitis B, hepatitis C), etc.


All these and many other studies in Nefrida Clinic are attended by laboratory doctor and a team of qualified technicians.