Paediatric cardiology

Paediatric cardiology There is a wrong wide-spread assumption that cardiovascular diseases are most common problem for the elderly. The risk of these diseases can occur even before birth and increase in childhood. Heart diseases in children is a group of diseases that includes:

  • Congenital heart defects;
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • Inflammatory heart diseases and other disorders.

In some cases, heart disease can be dangerous to the child’s growth and development process, or even life-threatening, therefore, it is necessary to visit a paediatric cardiologist, who will prescribe the necessary tests, assess the health status and undertake all necessary treatment measures.

Paediatric cardiologists at the clinic “Nefrida” will take a responsible care of the health status of your children – during consultation, they will assess all possible risks of the disease, determine the exact diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Information after procedures

Often, after the procedure in the doctor’s office, patients have questions that they do not dare to ask during the visit or that come to mind only later. In this section, you will find in advance all the most useful information that you should know in the post-procedural period.

Paediatric cardiology

What are the main diseases of the cardiovascular system in children?

Cardiovascular diseases in children are mostly congenital, and sometimes acquired while growing up. Some of them resolve on their own, but others (such as congenital heart defects, heart rhythm disorders, inflammatory heart diseases) require close supervision and treatment by a cardiologist.

How to prevent cardiovascular disorders in children?

We recommend that parents pay attention to their children’s lifestyle, physical activity, provide their diet with vitamins and minerals, and create a good atmosphere at home.


If you are hesitating whether you really want to make an appointment for a procedure in our clinic, we invite you to read the frequently asked questions section prepared by our doctors. In it, you will find all the answers to your questions even before the procedure, so you can feel confident in your choice!

When to take a child to a cardiologist?

If you notice that your child is tired more often than usual, complains of pain in the chest area, dizziness, lack of air, has difficulty tolerating physical exertion and does not gain weight – we recommend that you make an appointment with a cardiologist to find out the causes of these ailments.

How to prepare a child for a visit to a cardiologist?

Simply explain to the child that you need to visit the doctor, who will check how the heart is working. It will be a completely painless procedure, there is no need to be afraid of it.

What tests are performed in the cardiologist's office?

To identify various diseases, laboratory tests and echocardiography are usually performed. For older children, a physical exercise test called veloergometry is performed.