Physiotherapy procedures

Physiotherapy is the method to treat diseases and trauma by natural and artificial physical factors. It is one of the components of rehabilitation that promotes tissue circulation and helps to restore the disordered functions of the body.

Physiotherapist consults and treats the patients complaining of pain in the spine, arms, legs, muscles, joints, tendons, and other body parts. He also helps the patients who, due to various diseases and injuries, suffer from insufficient joint mobility, muscle tension or weakness.

Physiotherapy procedures help to reduce inflammation, pain and spasms, to promote tissue circulation. These procedures are considered to be a significant part of the treatment of a patient suffering from various ailments, allowing to improve the effect of the treatment, to prevent complications and improve health. Physiotherapists at the clinic “Nefrida” professionally carry out various physiotherapeutic procedures that improve health and help a patient to return to a normal pace of life.