Preventive medical examinations

A fast pace of life, constant stress, insufficient rest, unhealthy nutrition – all these are frequent companions of our lives. In the long run, these causes may lead to the emergence of various health disorders or diseases. Therefore, is necessary to pay sufficient attention on health and have preventive medical examinations done.

A number of health disorders are detected only when the disease has already advanced or progressed. Regular health checking allows you to detect various changes and early-stage disease when there are no symptoms and immediate measures can be taken to prevent the progression and complications.

Men, women, children, infants or future mothers are subject to different preventive health examination programs, selected by doctor on the basis of individual situation of each patient. During the preventive medical examination, the doctors at the clinic “Nefrida” will perform all medical examinations, according to your age, gender and history of your illness, and, if necessary, make more detailed tests, required for diagnosis and treatment.

Information after procedures

Often, after the procedure in the doctor’s office, patients have questions that they do not dare to ask during the visit or that come to mind only later. In this section, you will find in advance all the most useful information that you should know in the post-procedural period.

Preventive medical examinations

What are the main preventive measures to maintain good health?

Vaccinations that protect the immune system from various infectious diseases, regular health check-ups and diagnostics.


If you are hesitating whether you really want to make an appointment for a procedure in our clinic, we invite you to read the frequently asked questions section prepared by our doctors. In it, you will find all the answers to your questions even before the procedure, so you can feel confident in your choice!

Why is it important to have regular health checks?

A preventive health check-up allows the doctor to assess how your body and organs function, assess whether the blood is in good condition, detect various diseases or disorders, and prevent their progression.

How often should preventive health checks be done?

We recommend visiting your family doctor at least once a year.

Is the prevention of chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular) effective?

Yes, effective. Chronic diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, full of vitamins and minerals, fresh air, frequent ventilation of rooms, physical activity and, of course, preventive visits to the doctor and adherence to prescribed treatment.

Is cancer prevention successful?

The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the more likely it is to be successfully treated. Pre-neoplastic changes in organs usually do not cause any symptoms, so it is important to check your health in time.