Preventive medical examinations

A fast pace of life, constant stress, insufficient rest, unhealthy nutrition – all these are frequent companions of our lives. In the long run, these causes may lead to the emergence of various health disorders or diseases. Therefore, is necessary to pay sufficient attention on health and have preventive medical examinations done.

A number of health disorders are detected only when the disease has already advanced or progressed. Regular health checking allows you to detect various changes and early-stage disease when there are no symptoms and immediate measures can be taken to prevent the progression and complications.

profilaktiniai sveikatos patikrinimai

Men, women, children, infants or future mothers are subject to different preventive health examination programs, selected by doctor on the basis of individual situation of each patient. During the preventive medical examination, the doctors at the clinic “Nefrida” will perform all medical examinations, according to your age, gender and history of your illness, and, if necessary, make more detailed tests, required for diagnosis and treatment.