Psychiatry is a medical field that examines various changes and illnesses associated with the human mental health. The responsibility of psychiatrist is to take care of specialized mental health care for patients, to diagnose and treat impaired mental functions, to timely alert the patient about exacerbations of mental illnesses and to help people with various disorders to adapt in society and return to normal life.

Good mental health is an indicator of well-being and high quality of life. Only a person with appropriate and stable mental health is able to live a full life, to realize himself and to contribute effectively to the welfare of society.


Mental health disorders can be triggered by various social, psychological and biological factors. In modern society, an increasing number of people are suffering from depression, addiction disorders, social anxiety, eating disorders, various syndromes and other mental illnesses. A patient should not feel ashamed. On the contrary, he needs to take care of mental health in due time and visit the specialist.

Psychiatrists at the clinic “Nefrida” will professionally take care of your mental health, detect mental disorders or illnesses, prescribe the necessary psychotropic medicine, and, importantly, will help to restore a normal mental health.