Rehabilitation is a combination of various therapies and tools that help people with different illnesses or injuries to recover the lost skills, maximize their ability to work, self-sufficiency, and to restore quality of life.

Well-timed, high quality and purposeful rehabilitation helps most patients to forget the pain and return to a normal pace of life.

There are many different methods of rehabilitation. The choice of these tools and treatment methods depends on what kind of disorder, trauma or ailment affects the patient. The rehabilitation plan is prepared by a specialist, taking into account the individual situation of each patient.

Rehabilitation professionals, working at the clinic “Nefrida”, pay an exclusive attention and care for each patient – they advise on all matters of concern, prepare and implement the treatment plan that helps to restore the function of the body and health.

Information after procedures

Often, after the procedure in the doctor’s office, patients have questions that they do not dare to ask during the visit or that come to mind only later. In this section, you will find in advance all the most useful information that you should know in the post-procedural period.


How many rehabilitation procedures can be prescribed?

First of all, complex medical rehabilitation measures are used. If the health does not improve after them, the procedures are continued – then inpatient treatment, outpatient rehabilitation can be prescribed.


If you are hesitating whether you really want to make an appointment for a procedure in our clinic, we invite you to read the frequently asked questions section prepared by our doctors. In it, you will find all the answers to your questions even before the procedure, so you can feel confident in your choice!

When are rehabilitation procedures necessary?

Rehabilitation is most beneficial for patients who have suffered major injuries after accidents or other disasters. Rehabilitation procedures help the body to recover faster after diseases and operations, and improve the state of health. Complex measures are used for treatment – physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, massages.

I am constantly in pain. Could physiotherapy help?

Rehabilitation classes can help solve various body pains, strengthen muscles, and ensure a faster healing process.

How long does rehabilitation take?

It depends on the patient’s condition, the type of injury or illness.

Why shouldn't rehabilitative exercise be underestimated?

Individual exercises are the basis for adjusting muscle balance and overcoming muscle pain. Exercise increases muscle elasticity, strengthens the ligaments around the joint, has a positive effect on the emotional state, and normalizes the nervous system.