Vascular surgery

Vascular surgeon detects stretching or narrowing of the hand, leg, neck arteries, changes in deep veins or vascular diseases, and prescribes the most appropriate treatment for the patient. This specialist not only advises and treats the patients with arterial, venous or lymphatic system disorders, but also performs various vascular surgeries.

The most common vascular diseases, requiring the help of a vascular surgeon:

  • Atherosclerosis is a chronic artery wall disease, also known as vascular “calcification”. Varicose is the enlargement of veins. This disease usually affects the elderly. Patients are affected by leg pain and tingling, raised and swollen leg veins.
kraujagysliu chirurhija

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or obesity are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. During consultation, the vascular surgeon at the clinic “Nefrida” performs all necessary examinations, selects the most appropriate treatment method, and, if necessary, performs surgical intervention.