Medical commission

The aim of the doctors’ consultative commission established at Nefrida Clinic is to deal with patients’ temporary incapacity for work, examination and various controversial issues for the treatment and medical tests of patients. This commission also issues personal health certificates and other necessary medical documents to patients.

Doctors Consultative Commission performs the following functions:

Information after procedures

Often, after the procedure in the doctor’s office, patients have questions that they do not dare to ask during the visit or that come to mind only later. In this section, you will find in advance all the most useful information that you should know in the post-procedural period.

Medical commission

Is preventive health check-up necessary for representatives of all professions?



If you are hesitating whether you really want to make an appointment for a procedure in our clinic, we invite you to read the frequently asked questions section prepared by our doctors. In it, you will find all the answers to your questions even before the procedure, so you can feel confident in your choice!

When to apply to the medical board?

If you want to receive a certificate of incapacity for work, health certificate, pregnancy and maternity leave certificates, health check for work.

How often must the occupational health be checked?

A preventive health check-up for work is usually carried out every 2 years.

How long is an employee's medical card valid for?

In the medical card, the doctor and the workplace fill in the entries. It is stored for 15 years from the last visit to the doctor.